Call for Papers – Southeast Asian Studies Symposium

L’Université d’Oxford organise un Symposium consacré aux « Southeast Asian Studies ». A cette occasion, Bruno Hellendorff dirige un panel consacré à l’ASEAN et à la multilatéralisation de la sécurité.

Although Southeast Asia is home to various – often conflicting – types of political, economic and social organization, it has embarked, since the end of WWII, on a programme of inter-state collaboration that became most visible with the creation, then the enlargement, of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Initially formed in response to common internal and external threats, ASEAN gradually emerged as a vector of peace in a region in flux. It has paved the way for a new “Asian multilateralism”, one that sees (sub-)regional organizations proliferate and increasingly turn into a new venue of geopolitical competition. Today, it has taken on a new dimension with the implementation of its charter, which enmeshes political, economic and socio-cultural considerations in its call for the building of a regional community by 2015. Today, ASEAN faces numerous challenges, as an institution, as an association of countries, and as a “modus vivendi” between its members. This panel seeks to identify policy options for regional states to consolidate previous achievements, and further harness the potential of existing institutional settings to address common security issues, such as transnational terrorism and stability in the South China Sea.

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